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Mission Updated

Mission Updated

A while ago, I wrote a blog about Mission. Since then I have been working as a Mission Apprentice, so I have had a lot of time to think about how I can express mission means to me. Much of what I said before still holds true for me, but I would like to update … Continue reading

The Challenges of Authentic Faith is about integrity, honesty and openness. The truth is, regardless of a person’s denominational affiliation, everybody has issues – whether they are issues of life direction, faith direction or even understanding of concepts of faith.

The aim is not to give answers, if ‘answers’ to these issues are even tangible. Instead, the Challenges of Authentic Faith is a thought process, concerned not with the ‘end’, but instead, the long and arduous journey through life, where struggles and issues abound, where reaching an ‘authentic faith’ is a fight; a hard but beautiful fight.

Both Jonathan and Matt aim to write openly and honestly, perhaps giving opinions that may not always be understood or will ultimately be judged by peers. Due to this, The Challenges of Authentic Faith is a platform for you, the reader, to give your own feedback, to enter the debate; both Jonathan and Matt would love to hear your opinion/feedback and will aim to respond to everyone!

The aim is to update the Challenges of Authentic Faith on, at least, a fortnightly basis. Sometimes posts will be previous work, devotional pieces or personal reflections; maybe there will be a few more light hearted pieces found from across the internet too!

You are invited to join the journey, experiencing the Challenges of Authentic Faith.